The Problem:
Nearly half of Minnesota's Pre-K Kids left Behind

This brief video highlights why early learning reforms, like Parent Aware, are needed.


Parent Aware for School Readiness (PASR, pronounced "passer") is an independent, business-led nonprofit committed to making sure the Parent Aware Ratings work as designed and tested by the Minnesota Early Learning Foundation (MELF).  A recognized thought leader, and honest broker in the early education debate, PASR is dedicated to improving the school readiness of Minnesota children, especially those most at risk.


PASR Continuing Private Sector Involvement in Early Education Reform

Founded in 2012, PASR's work grows out of a strong history of business involvement in Minnesota's early childhood field, most recently, the work of the Minnesota Early Learning Foundation (MELF).  From 2005 to 2011, MELF invested $20 million in private funding to determine effective and affordable ways to improve early education quality, so more kids would be ready for kindergarten.  

To learn about what works, MELF piloted several approaches for improving early education quality in a number of Minnesota communities.  Through a rigorous evaluation of the pilots, MELF found the Parent Aware Ratings to be an especially effective and efficient reform tool.  A full recap of MELF, its findings, and its final recommendations is available in this Early Education Blueprint.  

MELF's Mission was to Recommend Reforms, PASR is Focused on Implementing Reforms

MELF's key reforms, the Parent Aware Ratings and early education scholarships, are being carried forward by the state of Minnesota.  PASR is focused on ensuring successful implementation of those reforms.