Looking to search Ratings or Sign-up? Visit www.parentawareratings.org to learn more about available programs in your community or how to volunteer to be rated.

What we do.

PASR's focus is crystal clear—promoting and protecting the Parent Aware Ratings.

The Parent Aware Ratings are like a Consumer Reports or J.D. Powers rating system for helping parents find the child care providers using kindergarten readiness best practices.

PASR doesn't actually conduct the ratings. That is done by the State of Minnesota. But PASR does serve two critically important functions:

  • PROMOTE THE RATINGS. PASR tells parents about the Parent Aware Ratings through our ads, public outreach and neighborhood based marketing. These private sector ads are what make the Minnesota early education reform model unique. The PASR ads give Minnesota the most market-based, consumer-centered early education model in America.
  • PROTECT THE RATINGS. PASR is a watchdog, ensuring the Parent Aware Ratings standards stay strong and improve over time as research evolves. PASR also fights to ensure that politicians don't water down the ratings under pressure from special interest groups. Why protect the Parent Aware Ratings? So parents and taxpayers have the best available information to inform their early education decisions.

These are functions that the government sector isn't willing and/or able to do, and PASR believes the Minnesota's early education reform model will fail if these functions go unfulfilled.

So, to fill that void, Minnesota's private sector has stepped up in a big way, in the form of PASR.

Who we are.  Why we care.