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Why we care.

Almost half of Minnesota kids are not prepared for kindergarten, and too many never catch up. Fixing that problem is PASR's passion.

When thousands of Minnesota kids fall behind and ultimately drop out of school, that's a tragedy for those kids, their families, taxpayers and our economy.

It leaves Minnesota without the educated workforce it needs to compete in the global marketplace.

It also costs taxpayers billions in remedial education, social service, unemployment, health care, law enforcement and prison expenses.

Because of these enormous expenses, economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis estimate that every $1 of investment in helping low-income kids access high quality early education yields about $16 in benefits to society.

But to earn that return on investment, the investment must be in the type of high quality early education that actually prepares children for kindergarten. Investing in low quality child care not only doesn't produce high returns, there is evidence that it sets children back.

So PASR's passion is all about helping kids get ready for kindergarten. And that means investing in high quality early education, not just indiscriminately throwing money at the problem.

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