PASR supports Early Learning Scholarships as the most targeted, flexible, and proven way to increase access to early education.

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Public Policy

PASR promotes and protects the Parent Aware Ratings.  As part of that mission, PASR works to advance the following public policy goals:

AVAILABILILTY.  Expand the availability of the Parent Aware Ratings and quality improvement program statewide.

REWARDS.  Maintain and improve the rewards available to child care providers who volunteer to improve their quality and get rated.

INTEGRITY.  Ensure the Ratings standards remain strong, state-of-the-art and focused on school readiness best practices.

ACCOUNTABILITY.  Ensure public funding flows only to rated programs to ensure Minnesota taxpayers get a maximum return-on-investment.

ACCESSIBILITY.  Help low-income children access highly rated programs to close the achievement gap and secure a 16-to-1 societal return-on-investment.

STREAMLINE.  Simplify the overly complex government funding system to better serve children, families and taxpayers.

PUBLIC OUTREACH.  Educate citizens, business leaders, early education stakeholders and policymakers about the urgent need for early learning  quality improvement and the PASR policy agenda.

Additional details about PASR's public policy agenda are available in this Early Education Reform Blueprint.  To ensure Minnesotans’ $20 million investment in the MELF initiative is not lost, the PASR Board has adopted the Blueprint’s “Private Sector To-Do List” as its scope of work.